The Illinois Library Association Executive Board is the governing body of the association and is comprised of fifteen directors serving a three-year term and an ALA councilor who serves a three-year term.  The board adopts and oversees implementation and evaluates all plans, policies, programs, and budget for the association.  Together, board members constitute leadership of the association and assume responsibility for its success.

Committees provide major support services for ILA membership, leadership, special interest groups, and the Executive Board.  Committee chairs are appointed by the current ILA president with the approval of the Executive Board.  Terms of office vary and include a single one-year term for most committees.  This term is designed to provide an avenue for interested members to become easily involved in ILA activities.  The hope is that the experience gained will encourage members to continue their involvement in ILA.  ILA members may volunteer or be appointed to these committees.

Forums allow members to connect with one another on various specialized topics and interests. Informally structured, forum members work with one another to develop and present conference programs and informational literature, among other activities.