iREAD Committee

The Illinois Reading Enrichment and Development (iREAD) program is a coordinated, self-supporting effort to develop and provide high-quality, low-cost resources and products to enable local library staff to promote reading.  The program’s audience is kindergarten through grade eight, but provides supplemental materials for preschoolers, teens, and adults.  The program’s goals are:

  • to provide a program that supports local library efforts to promote literacy and life-long learning;
  • to provide a forum for grassroots involvement across the state;
  • to encourage statewide participation in and use of the IREAD theme;
  • to encourage efficient use of local staff time by networking resources across the state;
  • to provide high-quality, low-cost products through volume purchase; and
  • to provide resources and projects suitable for all size libraries, rural, urban, and suburban.

The committee is composed of twelve ILA members:  three chairs -- chair, future chair, and developing chair; four coordinators:  resource guide, showcase, showcase, and publicity; and five members at-large:  to backup coordinators and perform duties as requested by the chairs -- should include young adult and adult services representatives who give guidance on the supplemental materials geared toward these age groups.  Chairs will serve a three-year term.  Coordinators and members-at-large will serve two-year terms. The committee shall submit recommendations to the ILA president for selection of the iREAD chair.

2015 Chair

Maggie Thomann  (term on committee 2012-2015)
Park Ridge Public Library
20 S. Prospect Ave.
Park Ridge, IL  60068-4188
phone:  847-825-3123 x203
fax:  847-825-0001
e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2016 Chair

Kate Kite  (term on committee 2013-2016)
Wood River Public Library
326 E. Ferguson Ave.
Wood River, IL  62095-2098
phone:  618-254-4832
fax:  618-254-4836
e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2017 Chair

Joe Marcantonio
Plainfield Public Library District
15025 S. Illinois St.
Plainfield, IL  60544
phone:  815-436-6639
fax:  815-439-2878
e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Elisa Gall 2013-2015
Amy Holcomb 2014-2016
Jennifer Hovanec, Young Adult Forum Liaison
Christina Keasler 2013-2015
Tom Kochinski 2013-2015
Erica Liptak 2014-2016
Lynnanne Pearson, Reference Services Liaison
Jennifer A. Peterson 2014-2016
Marissa Tartaglia 2013-2015
Alexandra Walsh 2014-2016

 Board Liaison

Keshia Garnett

iREAD Chairs — iREAD Themes

1982  Ann Barnett Hutton — A to Zebra
1983  Elizabeth Huntoon — Reading Rainbow
1984  Maxine Payne — Be a Star! Read!
1985  Ruth E. Faklis and Robin Currie — Open Books, Open Doors
1986  Rachel Miller — Readers On The Move
1987  A. Denise Farrugia — Quest: Journey into Reading
1988  A. Denise Farrugia — Devour A Book
1989  Arlene Kaspik — The Great Book Hunt
1990  Jan Eakins Jones — Station Read, 1990 On Your Dial
1991  Barbara J. Lintner — This is Reading Country
1992  Jean Jaderborg — Discover!  Read!
1993  Paula Moore and James Steenbergen — Amazing Book Capers
1994  Ruth Shasteen and Nancy Scott — Celebrate Reading
1995  Nancy Buikema — Reading is Tremendous!
1996  Judith McMahon and Kathleen McSwain — Travel the Reading Highway
1997  Anita K. Elgin and Carolyn Gray — Team IREAD
1998  A. Denise Farrugia — Dive Into Books
1999  Tina J. Hubert — Time Trek Readers
2000  Vince G. Sovanski — READ for the Fun of It
2001  Jean Jaderborg — Feed Your Need to Read
2002  Paula Lopatic — Reading Rocks!
2003  Lori Craft — Lights! Camera! READ!
2004  Judy Decker — Explore the Reading Trail
2005  Pat Roche — Superheroes:  Powered by Books
2006  Victoria A. Blackburn — Voyage to Book Island
2007  Sharon Lawrence Hrycewicz — Mission Read:  To the Library and Beyond!
2008  Lori Craft — Get in the Game:  Read
2009  Vincent G. Sovanski — Read on the Wild Side
2010  Jason Stuhlmann — Scare Up a Good Book
2011  Kathi Kresol — A Midsummer Knight’s Read
2012  Amber Creger — Reading Is So Delicious
2013  Michele Wyss — Have Book, Will Travel!
2014  Kathryn Fredrickson — Paws to Read
2015  Maggie Hommel — Read to the Rhythm
2016  Kate Kite   Read -- For the Win!
2017 Joe Marcantonio